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I simplify
CEO lives so that you reach your vision without the burnout.

One Less Thing Mgmt.

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to fret about.

Have confidence + clarity, and focus this year with your Holistic Strategy Map.

Is your business getting out of hand?

Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat! You can:

See your big ideas become a reality.

Have a team that is self-sufficient so you have peace of mind while you spend your time on things you enjoy.

Witness a huge return on your investments in strategies, coaches, courses, and masterminds.

Chill with family on the beach while your business grows itself.

Trust your team.

Enjoy increased revenue without increased complications.

Run your own business. Don’t let your business run you.

You have big ideas for the future of your business, but you aren’t sure how to make them happen.

You've invested thousands on secret sauces to solve your problems but you haven't seen real results.

You want your business backend to automatically do all the menial tasks so you can spend time on what you love.

You don’t want to micro-manage minor things, but your team always seems to need your input.

Your team would be hopeless if you left for an unplugged vacation.

Somehow, your successes have brought more stress instead of more free time, more complications instead of financial well being.

I'm a Business and Operations Expert, but I also answer to “trusty copilot”. You know where you want to go. I draw the map and provide the accountability to get you there. I’m an integrator. I take your ideas, your vision, and your goals, and translate them into practical, actionable steps to turn goals into realities.

I'm Ellen McElveen,

If you're looking to simplify your CEO life, you're in the right place.

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Let's simplify your CEO life so that you reach your vision without the burnout.

Running your own business—being your own boss—ought to afford you greater freedom than being someone else’s employee. Yet somehow, everything depends on you. It’s time to get your business in shape so that it runs smoothly while you’re away, for lunch and for an unplugged vacation.

Vacation time

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Every business needs calls scheduled, emails organized, and content managed. With sound systems and the right team members in place, we’ll take these off of your plate. You’ll have one less responsibility keeping you from leading your company. We’ll put you back in the position you are made for: Visionary.

The visionary that your business needs

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You thought that hiring team members would mean less work for you. Instead, you’re fielding constant questions, correcting tons of errors, and decision-making about nitty-gritty details. This was not the plan. But take heart! With the right direction and resources, we’ll get your team to run your business as if it was their own.

A team that takes the lead

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