Short bio:
Ellen McElveen is an Operations & Efficiency Expert, and the Founder of One Less Thing Management where she helps entrepreneurs organize their teams, ideas, strategies, and to-do lists — making sure #allthe[profitable]things get done.

Long bio:
With 10+ years of experience in business organization and management, Ellen McElveen has implemented hundreds of workflows, processes, and systems. She has worked with fortune 500, world-renown speakers and authors, solopreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. With years of refining her approach to simplifying CEO lives, it wasn’t until 2018 that she found the optimal service to fulfill her mission — The OLT Map. Together with CEOs, she maps out how each small business will reach their goals providing the step-by-step directions that will get them there within the year.

Ellen's knack for ingenuity, organization, and efficiency, make her an ideal copilot for the intentional CEO who is on the journey to reach their business goals. She integrates her B.A. degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and certification in Director of Operations to deliver a tailored experience to every client.

When she isn't mapping strategies or leading digital marketing teams, Ellen is spending time with her son, Gideon, and husband, Scott; catching up on books to read; trying to stay on top of quilting projects; spending time with her church; and cooking up new foods. She is most commonly quoted as saying “I can do that” and has a plethora of DIY projects to prove it. This year, her word of the year is imperfect as she is taking imperfect leap after leap to move the business forward and reach her goals.

Ellen McElveen

operations & efficiency expert