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I spent years hunting for the most efficient way to get business owners out of the daily grind and onto the beach. I managed inboxes, led staff meetings, pulled all-nighters creating stellar systems, built CRMs from scratch, and realized that none of these got my clients free from their laptops.

That is, not until I focused in on the bigger problem. Whether you're a Fortune 500 digital marketer or a new entrepreneur with a dream, you need a strategic map. With the One Less Thing Framework in place, we've crafted our best services yet.

Let's kick things off. Which custom service would you like to start with?

Let's kick things off. Which custom service would you like to start with?

Your custom, annual map to reach your vision, revenue goals, and vacation. This 1:1 process gives you the steps to accomplish all the essential things that lead to simplification and growth.

The one Less Thing Map

Your perfect opportunity for a brain dump. This quick 45-minute call will provide the steps you need to get the clarity you seek and accountability to follow through.

The Pitstop

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Ongoing, all-in-one accountability, team leadership, and project management. This ongoing service brings together the ultimate duo: your creative dreams + my expertise to get it all done.

*Available to any client who has completed the OLT Map. 

The Copilot

The accountability you crave to follow through on your customized One Less Thing Map. This monthly service is perfect to track your team's progress, making sure you're on track.

*Available to any client who has completed the OLT Map.


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Every service has been created to deliver one less thing, and that includes finances. While these services are an investment for many clients, I'm on a mission to see you reach your vision without the burnout. That includes financial burnout. I work with you to lower your expenses and increase your profits.

Here's what OLT clients have to say:

Ellen makes it very simple to organize your business and to help you create a plan that works for you. My ideas and goals for my business have become clearer and I now can move my business forward with ease.

Owner of The Gracious Plate

Katie Baker

Ellen has a way of taking your unorganized thoughts and ideas and putting them into a plan that will result in actions and success! Ellen has allowed me to plan out our year as the CEO instead of all the other roles I tend to play when planning the year myself. 

Owner of Cardinal Rule Press & Maria Dismondy Inc.

Maria Dismondy

I can get really caught up in researching all the best possibilities to solve my problem. If someone I trust recommends a professional to solve my problems - I run with it! Ellen came highly recommended to help me with online business management and project management tasks. Our work together was valuable time spent.

Our weeks together were incredibly concise and focused. I walked away from the service feeling like I have a well laid out plan to tackle some of the things I have been putting off for a really long time and things I was not able to articulate that I needed to be focusing on.

Ellen is a big picture thinker and also highly organized. These two qualities don't always go together! It was a pleasure to be able to take something so big as, literally, my entire business vision and get extremely granular with tasks I could actually tackle.

Ellen held me to the fire about scheduling the actual tasks that would lead to results. In previous experiences, I would set goals and targets but not actually put a plan in motion to hit the goals or targets. Ellen also did a lot of the heavy lifting for me - she probed me with great questions, worked on my business between calls, and didn't leave me with a ton of "homework" or busy work after our conversations.

Emily Field RD

Emily Field